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Visual Merchandising Head
Praxis Home Retail Limited (Home Town) HQ
Permanent contract
Added on 31/01/2024
INR 100000
Everything you need to know to work in Mumbai
Working in Mumbai
Mumbai is the capital city of the State of Maharashtra and is India's wealthiest city. As of 2018, it was the world's seventh-most densely populated city with a population of around 19.98 million. Known as the commercial and entertainment capital of India, this mega city has been a popular destination for foreign nationals to work in Mumbai.
Internships in India
Pursuing internships programs in India have always fascinated many foreign students from across the world. The extensive and diverse internship opportunities in India offer an exciting and profound learning experience. In the recent times, with the aim to foster international education and trade, the Indian government is taking steps to simplify the immigration process.
Working in Panaji
Panaji is the capital city of Goa. It's a heritage city with a unique socio-cultural environment and natural beauty. Being a part of Goa, Panaji is part of one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Tourists and expatriates from around the world throng to the place to explore the vibrant culture, fascinating architecture and natural beaches.
The labour market in India
India has been a hub of diverse employment opportunities, attracting several expatriates from different parts of the world. The economy of India is quite diverse and a multitude of international companies have set up their branches in the country, thus widening job opportunities in the country. There are also multinationals headquartered in the country.
Starting a business in India
India's vast and diversified economy has always been attracting foreign investments from all corners of the world. Sustained economic growth and favorable foreign investment policies have further boosted the morales of the foreign investors. In fact, in recent times the government of India has introduced a series of new tax incentives so as to encourage more foreign investment.
Working in India
India is one of the developed countries with a fast developing economy and has diverse job opportunities. People who wish to come and work in India find the open labour market welcoming. For those who wish to explore India and can adapt to the culture and lifestyle of the country, working there can be a great opportunity. There are several major cities, including Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Bangalore and Pondicherry, that host expatriate communities.
Job candidates in Mumbai
Added on 25/03/2024
USD 1200
Added on 14/03/2024
Business Management
Stalley Dalmeida
Permanent contract
Added on 09/03/2024
guest service associate
Permanent contract
Added on 09/03/2024
USD 800
Permanent contract
Added on 25/02/2024
EUR 100000
Instrumentation Engineer
Faraz Musheer Khan
Permanent contract
Added on 20/02/2024
USD 1500
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