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My partner has been offered a role in Mumbai that would offer us both work Visas. I'm an IT recruitment consultant in the UK with a number of years of experience, what kind of financial packages would I be able to secure in Mumbai? My main concern is that I wouldn't be able to find a suitable position. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Jody!

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depends upon your lifestyle what package you should ask.

Hi Mileli,

I would like a similar package to my UK salary, is this achievable?
Are there many westerners working in recruitment in Mumbai?

You should visit websites of prominent cos. in IT field such as TCS,WIPRO & INFOSYS etc. for a suitable opportunity or search in Wednesday edition of Times of India which carries max. ads for vacancies.

Hi Jody ,

You may also try connecting with recruitment agencies like the hay group, abc consultants, adecco etc..  These may be useful to you.. Recruitment consultants specialising in IT are sought after, the packages are generally split into fixed and commission on your success rate at work and also linked to the level that you are recruiting (senior/ mid/junior positions) . There are also quite a few headhunter positions that may be of interest to you... You can also look up on LinkedIn for the openings of your interest, besides the known MNC's as naval has indicated above.. Good luck !