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At the time I live in France and I'm Euroepan Junior Product Manager and I realy want to relocate myself in India and find a job position as Product Mananger in the pharmaceutical industry.
Since 3 months I seek every day for job posting ( in Naukri, monsterindia) and I found a alots of jobs which match with my profile but thr company of recruitment agency never reply. I've contacted a lots of companies directy by phone ( thanks to Kompass) but the result is the same NO ANSWER

Could you help me to improve my job seeking methodoly or give me some advice. My contrct with my actual company will be end at the end of October and I really want to strat to wok in India in November....

Many thanks in advance  :D=

The job market in India is not good now a days. Recession will be continue for next one or two years. I am also searching job in India as well as in Singapore, but not getting any positive result. Try your luck to find it in India. You can log on to,,,

Best of luck.

Hello florieloubet,
              why don't you try your luck in Bharat Serums and vaccines ltd.


Hello Rahul -> This is an old thread (2009). :rolleyes:

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bombay_rahul :

Hello florieloubet,
              why don't you try your luck in Bharat Serums and vaccines ltd.


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Dear Friend,

I do not think you will get thro Naukri or other such sites. They register your names.etc. The companies search if needed. I have registered for last 30 years and di not get a single call.

The best way is to approach the brokers. There are brokers who collects commission from the company for supplying qualified hands. You need not pay any money. Those asking you money are not to be trusted. So do not get involved.

If you have free time just post your requirement in free adsites. Sometime it helps but not always.

If you want the list of such sites I can supply you. Mail me at sarkar.subroto in gmail. IT IS FREE. So do not miscalculate me as money hungry person.

Is this or a similar position still available?

Hello Marius,

This thread is from 2008 and the last post from 2013, i don't think you will get a reply.
If you are looking for a job, please drop an advert in the appropriate section here : Jobs in Mumbai

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foreigners are not employed by pharma company in india .In case
if you are expert in some technical field related to pharmacology,. you will be selected
otherwise no chance

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