Message For Julien !

Hello Julien,

I am an HR professional working for an Elearning organization in Mumbai. I was looking for Spanish/German/French native speakers presently in Mumbai.

I have registered in your forum and request you to give me an access to write personal emails to the group members.

PS: Your website is very helpful.

Cindrella Vincent.

Hi and welcome to Cindrella !

Could you please post your advert in the Bombay jobs section.


Hello Armand,

Just wanted to know if you can give me an access to the Private Messages System. I have also registered my company in your Business Directory.


Hi Cindrella, this thread may help you > Anti spam system & new rules.;)


Hi there,
just taking the opportunity to let you know that my husband and myself are French and we live in Mumbai since a year.
Jeff, my husband, is looking for a job so we might be interested in your offer as well.
Please feel free to contact us via our blog at

Hope to ear from you!