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I am writing this post in order to find out how difficult it would be to get employment in India, Mumbai specifically, as a foreigner. I am a 25 year old British citizen. I have been spending a lot of time in India over the past few years. My girlfriend is Indian and has a good job, so doesn't want to leave the country at this moment.

I will have a B.Sc in Applied Computing (Comp Science, essentially) in August from an IT in Ireland. My grades are lower than average (especially by Indian standards) and I have no work experience in the sector. I wouldn't even mind doing an internship initially to gain some experience.

I'm just wondering how difficult it would be for a foreigner to get employed within India, without being sent by an international company. I don't have a work or residency visa so would need sponsored for a work visa as well. I don't mind spending some time building a portfolio and honing my skills before seeking employment. I understand that my salary would be very low compared to what I would be making elsewhere, but that's fine by me. I'm happy to make use of the next few years to gain experience in the industry.

Is there any advice you can offer me? Do you know of any companies that are willing to employ foreigners? Any suggestions on how I can build my resume best for getting employed in Mumbai would be great.


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I invite you to have a look at this this guide > Living in India guide, you will find further information about Visas and jobs in India.

I hope that some members will also help you very soon.


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