Looking for foreign interns (e-marketing/sales/hr) for our IT company.

Hello everyone,
Our organization is looking for interns globally. (except Indians)
Minimum tenure 2 months Maximum 1 year. It's an IT company focused in E-commerce. Duty of the intern could vary. But we're sure that you would learn a lot at the end of the internship. Those who know foreign languages would have an upper hand. Work hours to be discussed. Housing help will be provided by us.
If you're interested you can contact our company on binaniakshay[at]gmail[dot]com

hey would you tell me more about this Internship is it Paid internship ? or just Volunteering ?
i guess i have the Required background.

let me knew

Hi laradella66,

Please post this offer in the  Internships in Mumbai section as well please, it might help you to find the right candidate.

Thank you,


Thanks Priscilla, will do. And yes its voluntary(because it's for a good cause) If you need any more info you can private message me.

Still looking

Hello Every body :)

Can any one  please let me know how much is the average salary of a Computer Hardware engineer in India e.g 30000 to 40000 per month ,with an experience of 2-5 years without having any special certification.Thanks


I see you are looking for a country that offers the best salary, so shopping around.

Read my reply to you on the Australian section of this forum.