Genuine home based job ?

We are keenly searching for on line home based job for our daughter. She is a Commerce Graduate, PC Literate and good in English. Pl. do suggest some genuine way as there are thousands of scammers raedy to fleece and cheat.

i suggest you take company viza and let them hire her directly :) .

Dear mr. Rungta,
1) To identify the scamsters and cheats please ignore those who desire money/investment in some form at the time of the offer or any time later.A good organisation in India or anywhere will not ask for any deposits or remittance.
2)The other indicator is income disproportionate to the type of work such as simple repetitive activities( cut and paste and no accuracy required.)
3) Offers huge rewards for a simple action like purchasing a product on behalf of the online company.
4)Unless it is absolutely essential ,a fresher(if one)I feel should do job in an office with real people for at least say 1 year in order to learn organisational behaviour.

This are just some stray things that came to my mind when I read your post.

These are generalisations. But please let it be known that at 7 p.m if one boards( at churchgate)a train  that will go to Virar  after the train has fully arrived,all seats occupied and if one sees an an empty window seat,There will be a problem with that seat and it is best to ignore that opportunity

(as it involves a family member of yours)I would like to draw your attention to/share some suitable  opportunities that I have come accross by pm-ing
Best wishes,

I think the below article from economic times can provide some help


can you write content on general topics?

Yes. I can

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Hi there,

I have come across your post on and wondered if we could help each other. I have some work to do over in Mumbai, projects i'd like to set up, mainly to export items from the UK, mostly used mechanical and electrical parts of all types.

I am a small business man, with a lot of ambition to get something started in Mumbai, I really do believe there is some good business and work opportunities, so wanted to know if you knew many people based in Mumbai who are work orientated.

Thank you so much. Ben, Harrogate UK

Hi Ben,

I would be interested in your proposal and will appreciate receiving the details.

I have been in exports of electrical goods from India but if you have studied the export possibilities from UK to Mumbai I will be keenly awaiting the details.


Now a days most of the people worked in home based jobs, like online jobs,real estate jobs, online data entry etc. are now a days famous in home based jobs. You can search in internet 'home based online job' you will get various search results.