Pakistanis In Nepal :)

Hi everyone :) we are a group of friends from India and Pakistan planning to visit Nepal . Just the other day I was browsing for info on Nepal and I chanced upon an article about Innocent Pakistani people being suspected as anti social elements and getting in trouble for the same :( This dampened our spirits to be honest ! I have always believed Nepal to be a very friendly country and I am really interested in spending a few months exploring it :) Please let me know how is it for Pakistanis in Nepal ? Is it a safe for them ? I would appreciate it a great deal to receive answers and I request Pakistanis living in Nepal to Please let me know how is their stay over there. Looking forward for ur replies :) Thanks a bunch :) Have a great day :)

Hello lomzee & welcome to!

I hope that other members will soon share their experience with you.

If you want to know about the Pakistanis in Nepal, I may suggest you the contacts list of Pakistanis expatriate in Nepal.

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Hello lomzee,
  Don't worry. Just come to Nepal we always think of you guys as our own. Its just that some of the Pakistani citizens are caught with duplicate money so its little strict at immigrations. Just a regular procedure. There's no way that we would treat you like that. That's nonsense. Feel Free and enjoy Nepal. Here in Nepal we are celebrating Tourism Year so your fun is just going to double.
If you have doubt than contact your embassy here in Nepal. I'm sure they will clear your doubt.