Nepal A Himalaya

Greetings from Nepal!

Nepal a country of land locked country. The country is very Famous on those verse: land of Living goddess Kumari, Land Of Buddha, Land of Mount Everest(Sagarmatha), Land Of Gurkha, Land Of Ringpoche(Padmasambhav, father of tibetian Buddhism) etc. Country is very popular on its natural and cultural diversity. More then 123 ethnic groups inhabitants inside country. Kathmandu is a capital city of Nepal comprises of 3 land kathmandu itself, Bhaktapur and Patan. Those three cities are the ancient historical cities from last 3000 years ago. Newari is one of the oldest ethnic group off all those ancient historical cities. Kathmandu durbar aquare, Bhaktapur durbar square and patan durbar square are the ancient historical palace of Nepal, which are the unesco heriatage property too. As you are foreigner you need to pay entrance fee for all the historical palaces, chronologically Rs 750, Rs 1500 and Rs 500.

The hindu main Temple is located in Kathmandu at the side of ringroad. The origin of the temple dated on some about 269 B.C. There are more then 330 million god and goddess in Hinduism. You can observe creamnation on the back side of temple. Entrance fee is Rs 1000 but you are not allowed to enter the main temple. You are allowed to view creamnation and making pictures and roaming surroundings.

Boudhanath Stupa
Another place to visit in kathmandu is Boudhanath Temple. After 1959 the temple is very famous because of tibetian refugee settlement surrounding the temple. This is the largest stupa of the world. It is about 900 years world, but mythically it is about 2000 years old.Entrance fee is Rs 150. You can enjoy the roof top cafe over here.

Swoyambhunath(Monkey Temple)
The meaning of title is temple of self creation. Mythically In the ancient time this Kathmandu valley is surrounded by big lakes. One of the deity from tibet came over here and drainage the water , cutting one of the cliff of the valley. At the time there is a lotus flower and flame over the bloom but while water is drainage lotus flower is turned into 70meter hill and flame is turned into stupa. The record shows that Shakyamuni Buddha he had also visited this Place. so we can easily guess that it is also very old place. Entrance fee is just Rs 200.

Khokana and Bungmati
Those are the isolated place . Both two places are the settlement of Newar with their Newri culture and tradition and daily life style. There are mainly two temples one is rudrayani at khokana and another is red machendranath at Bungmati. The place is very unique for visitors.

Another place is Dakshinkali. She is one of the strong divine goddess. This is the anger image temple of Parwati, wife of shiva. This temple is very famous for sacrificing animals like goat, chicken, duck, etc. People sacrifice animal to kali to make happy to god, or to release from trouble. It is practice by shaktism but hindu also do same, copy by shaktism. Saturday and Tuesday is right time to visit this temple.

you can visit Nagarkot to view himalaya , north part, everest part. It is about 2000meter above from sea level, near by kathmandu, just about an hour drive from main city. After finishing your view you can make  a hike to cross Nepali house, local people, their lifestyle, nature, etc. Also there is another side you made a good hike inside the forest, that is very attractive. after that you can reached to Dhulikel ,another ancient city or you can back to Kathmandu.

Those are the places you can make tour around Kathmandu. If you want to make trek around kathmandu then you can go Panauti-Namobuddha-dhulikhel-Nagarkot-Changunarayan-Bhaktapur-Kathmandu or Sundarijal-chisapani-Nagarkot- Dhulikhel-Kathmandu.

Outside of kathmadnu there are some popular highlights those are Chitwan national park and Pokhara, these are another two big cities of Nepal. Chitwan is Naturally and culturally rich. You can do lots of natural activities over here like elephant riding, elephant sfari, canyoeing, Jungle walking, jeep safari, pool, tharu culture and many more.

Pokhara is famous on its natural diversity. Lots of lake , natural georges and hilltops are very famous at pokhara. You can do paragiliding, Avia flight, Boating, spa and therapy etc.

Above things can be done by all normal people. But for adventure people it is not enough so there are lots of trekking trails are welcoming you here in Nepal. Like Everest base camp trek and Annapurna base camp Trek, dhaulagiri trek etc. Bunjee jumping is also very famous in Nepal, which is facilitate by one of the private company.

There are some visa requirement and checking to visit Nepal and getting visa. You can visit Nepalese embassy in your country or near by your country or copy this on search as Tourist visa requirements - Embassy of Nepal. You can find different sites under it.

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what type of source you mean? you can also go through Nepal Tourism Board sites too. Those information is written under my experience because i am Tour guide and Trekking guide.

Armand also check Trip advisor sites too. Thanks