Interested in Nepal and Nepali culture

Hi everyone!
I am currently living in Nepal with my Nepali boyfriend and his family. My experiences of Nepal differ somewhat to many expats as I am half living like a local as well. Most of my adventures and experiences I share on my website -
I hope to get in contact with many others who are living, visiting or just interested in Nepal and Nepali culture.
Look forward to hearing from you!


Nice to know that you have adopted the Nepali culture and custom. I just moved to Kathmandu 2 weeks back and really finding it difficult to adjust here. At times i feel like i have been cut off from civilization and there is nothing much to do here apart from going outside the capital area.

I like the food and weather, its amazing in the evenings and early mornings. Yet to make friends and go around the town to see how it is... I am still searching for a billiard or pool club here to play :( No CoffeeBeans or 7Eleven :(

Really feeling odd over here

Very nice blog you have. Glad you are enjoying Nepal. I was wondering how you became Hindu. All this time here and it's difficult to even find out how it's done.

I actually experienced the opposite of what you experienced. I've seen couch surfers and other tourists, not only not pay a ticket, but go into a Hindu temple just because they were dark enough to blend in with the Asian skin color.

Just like in the west, if you dress appropriately you are likely to get away with more. Were you wearing a saree when you went to the temple? That could have been the problem.

Many tourists are very disrespectful of this society and its traditions and many Nepali are becoming resentful. I write a blog to help tourists deal with some of the cultural issues here at

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OK went to Himaliyan Java which is kinda replacement for Coffee Beans, or Star Bucks... Nice place to hang and relax having some coffee or Java Mocha stuff :) ... They have a branch on Kings way, New Road and one in Thamil... not sure if anymore exist....

Darbar Marg is a nice place to hang out and see the historical / cultural side of Nepal. Royal Palace and around 18 plus temples each with a different story and purpose. Very interesting stuff. Oh and dont forget to go on the roof top of any of the closeby hotels near the temple.... You can get some awesome shots from there.

i'll arrive in Nepal by 2nd week of October for Eid Holiday Vacation...
And I'm planning to stay there for 10 days... And i want to be my vacation to the best out of it. Maybe you can help me? I Know that Nepal have rich culture and tradition aside from their wonderful people.

If you'd like to participate in a festival and 5 distinctive, cultural villages nearby you can include Changunarayan ancient Hindu temple village into your itinerary. It is the oldest Hindu temple still in use in Nepal. It's a great place for families due to the various classes one can take. They have thangka painting, mask woodcarving, etc.

Ask about our weekly tourist festival we will be having each Saturday evening. It will be a great way to release negative energy and trauma with a little bit of help from Lord Bhirab, god of anger. We will be having local musicians and dancers come, a bonfire and a bit of a gathering out on the top of the hill, behind the temple at the Star View Guest House & Retreat Center. Please call to see if the festival will be scheduled for that week at +977 015141181 or +977 9849930812. You can also email me and I can check with the village development committee to see if it's on.

Thanks. I will take note of this...