Setting FDI company after last legislative changes

Hi there, we were about to register a new business in Pokhara (tourism field connected with bike rentals and transportation services) but last month government hiked the minimum foreign investment threshold to Rs 50 million from the existing Rs five million.
Is anybody have any ideas about how to handle this?
Is it any chance to set up a company with foreign direct investment without investing half-million dollars? We have almost everything ready but unfortunately, the government has changed our plans and we don't want to give up the whole project. Any ideas?

What a crap any lawyers or creative people online?

Is there room in your project for a donation to an NGO for your project? If you'd like to do something to help your area, like tree planting or plastic clean-up let me know. I have an NGO that you might be able to work with.
We don't mind using the agency so long as it's actually doing a bit of good for Nepal. No double paperwork or anything or anything illegal. Would this help?
If anyone would like to comment on suggestions for how it would work please feel free to comment. I founded the agency after the earthquakes and it helped to build some shelters, planted some trees, did some training projects, etc., but no one (Nepali in the village) seemed interested in doing anything but extracting money from it for their own needs.
If our little agency can be used to help Nepal I'm happy to talk with people, local and tourist.

Our project has a lot of room to support the local community with the main emphasis on activating school youth and it's really one of our principles.
The problem is that first, we have to register a company in Nepal because without that formally we can do nothing :(.

I'm afraid that Nepal Govenment has spoken, and what they said was that Nepal is not interested in 'small' investors anymore. Bring € 400.000 or stay home is the new message.

It makes me, being a 'small investor' myself feel rather unwelcome, knowing that the only reason I still have a visa is because Nepal seems to have grandfathered the existing companies and has not (yet?) demanded existing companies to raise their investments to the new minimum.

I think you should really re-think if coming to Nepal under a DFI scheme is a good idea or not. Over the past 10 years or so Nepal has 'slowly' raised the minimum DFI amount for starting a new company from US$ 25.000 and US$ 50.000 to the current US$ 500.000. You should wonder about the why, and what will the next step be, and if you want to be here when the next step arrives...

How and where can we contact you, Mcstan81??  I have a workable solution which I am sure will work - and I hasten to add, without the need to invest half a million bucks.

Buy an existing FDI company
Or buy into one.

We don't have those issues because my wife is Nepalese you could also do business with a trusted Nepalese party.

There's a ton of opportunity in Nepal for business. Our attorney specializes in setting up foreign companies
I name several that came in with not huge amounts and ended up becoming incredibly large. One went from 10 million to a 100 million in 5 years and then doubled that in the next 5.

But I would suggest talking to an attorney and buying out somebody else who's not doing much but has a business in place.

To start, why don"t you contact *** and take things from there? Am sure there is a solution.

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