Nepal Here I go

That's right my friends,

I'm on my way to Nepal (next moth, i will be there)... finally i took my decision.

I'm wondering if someone can tell me if i can get in Kathmandu, a tent, a bed to sleep in it... well that kind of stuff that you use on expedicion in to the wild.

ohhh my friend,you gotta be kidding!!!you can find huge amount of these stuff with good prices and good quality in will find many things to take home in here so lighter you come,more you take back:)


I am planning to visit Kathmandu this July.
I am a Nichiren Buddhist. I am planning to visit Soka Gakkai center in Kathmandu and Lumbini, or vice versa.

Its a week long stay, only 6 days.

Would appreciate if you fellas may help me about:
-accommodation (cheap and clean)
-other places that I should not miss
-any information about Lumbini
-any other useful infos.

Thank you very much!


Kathmandu Guest House, always a place to consider in your trip to Nepal, really cheap and quiet, not so clean, but still good.

Place to go... Just do like I did... I went there with no idea about what to do, and as soon as you get there you'll know. It's something magical in the air... And then just go on a trekking trip to some crazy place in the middle of no where, it's just speachless.