Work + cost of living + education in Nepal

I am new here. I along with my 2 daughters (9 and 10) want to move to Nepal. I have been working in offices as an administrator /manager.  I have been working as a teacher in Schools as well. Can i find work in Nepal? What is cost of living in Nepal if I live in Katmandu? What about education for my daughters?

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     may be you can try for working in ngo or projects.

hi, i am aryal ! in nepal education is good . for 3prosan cost is 40000/nepal rupees with living fooding school cost per month .in kathmandu.if any think please contact me

nepal is expensive for expats living there since our standards are "higher" than the average local.

just about everything in nepal is imported from india and china; so its more expensive.

finding a job in nepal is almost impossible for a foreigner since they rely on volunteers from the west.  and those expats working in KTM have been assigned abroad from their home country.  thus accommodation and varies expenses are paid for plus their salaries in foreign currency. 

companies and a few corporations would not hire anyone from the local market or an expat ( unless they had extraordinary credentials - and if they did they wouldn't be knocking on doors ).

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For your jobs search, i would invite you to have a look at the Nepal jobs section and try to post an advert there.

You can also contact some recruitment agencies in our business directory here  > … -agencies/

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