Moving to Nepal


I am a Counsellor, was wondering what would be the job opportunities in Nepal, the cost of living and the general environment. Many thanks for your help!



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As a tourist you are not allowed to work in Nepal. The cost of living depends where you are staying. Kathmandu got pretty expensive over the last years. What to expect: 21 hour power cuts during the upcoming dry season, waste not picked up for days and traffic jam - at least in Kathmandu.

It depends where you stay. Houses with gardens got very expensive, especially if you try to have some quality. Houses that were about 50.000 rps per month four years ago, are now up to 100.000 rps. However, there are smaller apartments that are quite nice where you pay around 20.000 rps. The power cuts can be bearable if you invest in a battery pack or a generator. You can live on very little if you keep to Nepali food and cooking yourself, in a small nepali restaurant a meal of daal bhat is about 60 rps.
If you find a job that pays enough to allow you a little luxury (like the battery pack and a nice apartment - or a serviced apartment with 24 hour electricity), life here is very good. The climate is usually warm, except for the few weeks in winter when it gets quite chilly (gas heaters help!). You get a lot of exotic fruits for really cheap. The people are friendly and generally helpful.