Visiting Nepal may change you for ever!

Updated 2009-06-18 13:20

Visiting Nepal , the roof of the world , is every mountain loving travelers' dream one day. Once done so one can not say other than that this may lead to an addiction. Many people wish to come back and back again. Some 'hard core wannabee "expat's" even make this lovely country their permanent home.

When I came here in 1989 with the intention to offer a rescue dog service,I was unaware of the fact that I would never leave again. Now 20 years later I still try to find out for myself what made me stay ? The mountains....the people...the unexplored hidden valleys and gorges....the problems people face in an area where mother nature is stronger than any human effort to develop a modern infrastructure?

Nepal is never static...ever changing yet frozen in time. People act and think totally different from our so called western way of life and moral value. It may be the "unknown" which lures one into the experience of a never ending great adventure , which makes one stay...or coming again and again. NEPAL...this is a country which never leaves your mind again !

Ingo Schnabel Director Himalaya Rescue Dog Squad Nepal (HRDSN)

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