Nepal in August 2013. Seeking new friends and acquaintances

OK, so,... i am 49 years old and have traveled the world, lived in many different countries etc. Now, after some preliminary research and making some Nepali FB friends I am ready to visit Nepal, coming from Canada. I will be arriving in August 2013 in order to take advantage of the two visa cycles. However I still need contacts and help please. By background I am a certified chef (trained in Germany)and a certified alpine mountain horse guide with extensive mountain and horse packing experience in Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia. I am trilingual (english, german and french). Please feel free to contact me with ANY suggestions regarding possible work as a chef or guide. I am also open to teaching English or German. I am soooo stoked about this trip.....:)

Hi We are not professional guider but we can give you some tips anytime whenever you require...have to some clever as people back to you for the money instead helping, showing a helping nature is not the fact always... be consider that...

Take care and have a safe journey in advance.



to find an official job while being here on a tourist visa is impossible, as working is not allowed for tourists. In Pokhara some Pony treks are offered, they probably do not need a guide but as per my opinion could need some advice in horse keeping as their horses are in quite a poor condition. to teach german or english is  definitely possible, there are several language institutes looking for native speakers, but of course, they prefer you to teach for free beside of the fact that they charge a lot from their students. I am from Germany, living in Nepal since long. For many years in Kathmandu, now in Pokhara.


and thanks for your reply. Just saw it today. Where from Germany are you? How long have you lived in Nepal? Where in Nepal?

I would like to exchange more information. My email is [email protected]



after 27 years living in Kathmandu, I am living in Pokhara since some months. I am from former west germany.I was working as Head of Administration for all the years, last year decided to become Yoga Teacher. Right now I am trying to find a job and I am thinking to do something in Meghauli/chitwan where a friend of mine has a horse back riding resort. May be it could be combined with some yoga and/or Reiki. Iam trying.When in August are you coming to Nepal ?

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Hello Guten  Tag,
i am from Nepal Kathmandu and leaving in Deutchland and also i am the Chef working in so many Different Country UAE, Qatar, Maldives, Seychelles etc. if you like to work in Neaple as a chef very difficult to find the job there also paying very less money not good idea better if you speak Deutsche better to find job as a guide , if you really want to help over there i have some of friend who working one of the best Restaurant in Thamel its call (Ying Yang Restaurant) and also (Third Eye Restaurant)
you go and meet him he is the Ex- Chef of thoes restaurant may be he can help you out .he is name is (D.B. Wiba)

Best Culinary Regards