Will a Hep B carrier get an Iqama?

Hi all,

I was wondering whether someone can help. I have recently been issued a work visa in my home country (Canada) to come and work in Saudi Arabia. Fortunately, my doctor issued a fit to work note with my application stating it was non contagious due to low viral load.

Will I have to go through another round of tests when i land in Saudi (whenever the travel ban is lifted) and will I be deported since I am a carrier?

Anyone know whether the law regarding this has changed, like in the UAE?

I will appreciate responses and past experiences of the expats on this 


you have to undergo medical test before issuing iqama (resident id). if you failed they will not issue it
it is electronically controlled

Hepatitis B carriers are people who have the hepatitis B virus in their blood, even though they don't feel sick. Between 6% and 10% of those people who've been infected with the virus will become carriers and can infect others without knowing it.Dhuʻl-Q. 18, 1441 AH

i advise you to for treatment and clear it from your blood then proceed

Thanks for the feedback.

Do you know whether one can get treatment in KSA before the Iqama medical screening is done. I am not sure I can get treatment here in Canada as there is currently no cure.  My wife doesn't have it even though I am a carrier so chances of infecting someone else is really low.

Do you know how soon I will need to have the medical test done after arriving in KSA?

Or do you think I shouldn't bother travelling to KSA for the job since I am already a carrier?


you will asked for medical test within 7 days of arrival

regarding the treatment i have no information

why there is no treatment in your country

since the pandemic is going on, KSA has strict rules on medical fitness especially contagious.

good luck

Thanks dude!

The doctors here say my viral load is low therefore treatment is not required and of course there is currently no cure. However there is very low risk of infecting others and since the embassy have issued the visa, I will take my chances and see what happens with the iqama when I get there.

Unless anyone can advise differently. I will really appreciate it as it's a really good offer.

Thanks in advance

Anti Hepatitis  B vaccine.
In 3 time.
They must have barrier contraception like condom till his wife will complete her vaccination.
After vaccination completed, she must get antibody  test.

Well they specifically mention that if you have Hep B you will not be allowed in BUT, they also say if your test results show anything outside the ordinary all you do is get a detailed medical explanation and for a Doctor to clear you. In your case it will help to very clearly and specifically  mention ( in both English and scientific jargon) the antibody  range for which one will not be contagious or require treatment along with other other information. If you have to do a complete Hep B profile ( the comprehensive test- around 3-4 different ones done when results are somewhat murky) it will give any appraiser )and you) more comfort.

Hope this helps.

Any update in your case.
Your real-time experience will be guidance for others.

I will know in a couple of weeks, currently quarantined in Bahrain.

Good Morning Casper
I am wondering if you could share update. I have been offered a job in Saudi and face similar situation like you. The only difference is that I am scared of leaving my home country without having some clarity on medical requirements for Visa in KSA>

Thanks & regards

I am in KSA now and have have the blood test done and doctor asked me to have a second one done to verify antibodies level before passing me as fit. Results have been sent to MOH for them to decide. I am just waiting, hoping and praying!!

All the best

Dear Casper419,
Kindly post update after you hear from the MOH.....would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

We are all rooting for you. All the best

Hi Casper
Appreciate if you could update on the outcome of MOH review.

Hello Casper,

How did it go with MOH? Could you please share an update.

hi casper,

how did it go. please update me

The Saudi law depends on preventing the entry of carriers of infectious diseases, even if they are in a stage of full recovery. Antibody testing is also done for all diseases. If any of the antibodies to any virus is detected, you will be excluded from the Kingdom directly without any opportunity, so I advise you not to rush and go to the consulate in  Canada with taking reports and you will find the answer

Did you get the Iqama? your feedback will be very useful for other candidates

Hi Casper,

I am in a similar situation and praying. Could you please share update on your Imamate status?

Iqama * status

What kind of update, brother, I don't understand,

Hi Casper,   Please reply, did you get iqama?

I live in india in present time I have no visa nd iqama

Have you come to Ksa.

Hi. Have you got any information regarding hep b person getting iqama in Saudi


Any Update, if you share your final result , it will help all other people having the same situations

best Regards

If in home country in medical it is identified VISA will not be stamped, if found on medical after arrival in saudia then you will sent back.

In short VISA or IQAMA not possible for HEP B or C both

Hi guys, I am sharing this for the sake of everyone who is or might be in a similar situation.

I had my medical in Canada and even though hep b (low viral) was identified in the test, I was given the visa and I came to Saudi. I had to do another medical to get the iqama where hep b was again detected. I had to do a couple of more tests before the results were passed on to the MOH. It took a while for MOH to get back with a decision and unfortunately my iqama application was unsuccessful.

It was disappointing both for myself and the company that hired me (they were VERY supportive) I would advise anyone thinking of coming to Saudi Arabia for work and who has hep B to open up to their prospective employers.

Luckily, I had anticipated this would be the outcome and had secured another job back in Canada before leaving KSA and resumed immediately I got back.

Hope this helps

Good day guys I am a hepatitis b carrier and I have received the opportunity to move to saudia Arabia  as a personal trainer  I wanted to know has anything changed  Will I be able to receive my iqama Visa or will it still be denied pleas advice if anything had changed,I am really stressed as this job will help me financially support myself and my son

Please right me back

Hi all. I am in the same situation. From my understanding of other countries in the GCC it's the same but for Hep B carriers there is no issue as long as they don't work in 6 specific industries such as medical, work with food or children etc. however for other professions it isn't an issue. I received Iqama for both Qatar and UAE on this basis. However it seems KSA may be different, does anyone know if they use this profession category or they just blankety ban any carrier?

UAE and Qatar are the exception.  Saudi is different.  As far as I know, they will refuse visa to any Hep B carrier.

Does anyone else have a different experience than @Casper419

@Casper419 Hi, would you be comfortable sharing the viral load? and what tests did they do on your arrival at KSA? In my opinion, KSA might want to give you a visa (Iqama) but your tests may not show their desired results/values. This would be a great help

Any update on this topic?

There is no update.  As of this time, Hep B carrier irrespective of viral load, will NOT get a work visa in Saudi.

@Mekki25 Hi Mekki. Does Qatar give you iqama even if one is HBSAg positive. I am a HBsAg positive carrier but my HBV DNA PCR is negative. Would love to have your opinion.

@Mekki25 Hi Mekki. Can you please update if you got an iqama for Qatar with Hepatitis HbSAg positive test result. I am a Hepatitis B HBSAg Positive case but my HBV DNA PCR is negative and Liver Function Tests are within range. Will I be able to secure Qatar Iqama

These are Saudi forums.  Go and post your question on the Qatar forums.

Hello Felnino,

As mentioned by XTang, you should post your question on the Qatar forum.



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