Planning to move to Almeria, Andalucia (Spain)

Hello, there. I'm Desti from Indonesia. I'm currently on my 4th year of university, majoring in Architecture. I'm thinking to move to Spain to have a change of pace, atmosphere, and environment in the near future. But as I know from my limited knowledge, the living cost in Spain is quite high, is it not? But I'm still considering Spain, specifically Almeria in Andalucia since some websites stated it's quite affordable there. Yet I know nothing about it, so I hope I could gain some information about that here. I also plan to live there for several years so having a job there (especially related to my major, if I could get any) would be a lot of help since I don't have any financial backup (it's almost like a gambling if I really settle there in the end). That is it, a short summary about me. Nice to meet you, guys.

Hello! Sounds like an amazing adventure. I currently live in the US but I too would like to move to Spain (even if just part time). Based on my research, Barcelona and Spain can be expensive but I have read that other areas (like Andalucia) are not so expensive. You should do research regarding the paperwork required to work in Spain as it is not so easy (based on what I have found). I look forward to reading what others suggest. Good Luck! =)

Thanks for your suggestion! Yes, I've read a little about the living expense and it's harder since I even come from a developing country, the currency's value is just so big. Maybe I should save a little more than what I expected before moving there. And yes I guess I need to do more research about working in another country, I don't have a slightest idea about that. If I may ask, do you or maybe anyone hear have any experience in working outside your homecountry?

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