Job Seeker letter of Motivation

Hello, I am new on this website and I have a question I hope you can help me.
My boyfriend is from Costa Rica and he study in Germany and finished his Bachelor of Arts in 2019 after that he visit his family in Costa Rica. Now he will come back with a job seeker Visum. He have all the documents but struggle with the letter of motivation. What was your reason in the letter when you did not find a job for flying back ?  I have read that you have to have a fortune or give an important reason that the embassy believes that if no job is found you are ready to fly back . As a student you have nothing just a family.

I hope you can help me with your experience


Sorry but your English is so bad that it is hard to understand what you mean. And what letter of motivation? One only needs to show that they have skills and experience and the funding to support themselves while looking for the job. One doesn’t have to prove motivation. And a foreign graduate of a German university can usually stay and have 18 months to look for a job – without having to get a job seeker visa. I’m just not positive if they can leave Germany and then come back to continue to look or not. If so, then it was a big mistake for him to leave before lining up a job. But I would think that he can probably search for a job without the visa. He just needs to ask. But the question is always if he did a program in German or in English. Many foreigners opt for a English taught  program and then are disappointed to find that there are later no jobs available if they haven’t learned fluent German.

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