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I've been trying to solve some issues with the electricity connection to my house in Malingping over the past few days. Normally my sister-in-law would be taking care of this, but she is 5 hours away in Depok, so can't oversee everything. Last year she was told by a "PLN man" that the meter was broken and other work needed to be done. She paid 200,000 IDR to get the work "done". The account was supposed to be changed from monthly to pre-paid token, but obviously something didn't happen as planned (surprise, suprise). Some time in the conversation with the "PLN man" the word's "jumper" were used. As an electrical engineer I understand "jumper" when it applies to electric meters to be something for "stealing" power.

Last week we were told that last year's bill (2018) wasn't paid AND that the meter was (still) broken, so we have to pay 310,000 IDR to settle the bill and a new meter would be installed. This time we contacted the local PLN office to try to make sure the work was completed.

So now we have a new meter, but "our man" that keeps the house clean and grass mowed, said that after he entered the token number the meter keeps beeping and flashing. According to the PLN office, he had paid 20,000 IDR, which should keep the one light bulb (for security only) burning for quite a while. I suspect something is not quite "right", but, not being on location, it's not easy to verify.

So my question. There is a page on the PLN dot CO dot ID website called "Informasi Tagihan dan Token Listrik" that requires login, but to register a "kode activasi" is required. The man at the PLN office wasn't familiar with this page, but said he would find out and we will call him on Monday. I thought that you guy probably know about this already, so I'll try here.

Does this page allow checking meter usage remotely?

The web page address in addition to the normal PLN.CO.ID is / PELANGGAN / INFORMASI-TAGIHAN-DAN-TOKEN-LISTRIK.  (since it's not easy to post a link here).

Could be this, but I've never bothered so I don't know


If not, send me the link by PM and I'll post it for you.

Once the smartmeter is in place, adding a token should be easy and problem free , but getting the meter can be a pain if old bills are owed, as you found out.
As a note from experience, 20,000 won't last long, especially if a mattress has found its way into the house and 'your man' is enjoying a rent free place for a while.
We had that at our old place but let it go as we knew the guy well and him being there was free security.

The link

https://www.pln.co.id/pelanggan/informa … en-listrik

As I've never bothered (I just buy tokens using a banking app and, as long as they last about the same time each I don;t check), I have no clue about the log in.

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