Looking for British people in Berlin

Hey folks,

what about meetin in a pub?
we could go there at weekends and have some fun!
it's hard to find english people when you move here.
there are no good communities for making new friends
from england, ire etc.

Let's see who's interested.


Hello kingtea and welcome to Expat.com!

I hope that you will have a lot of friends here. :)

Good luck,

hello harmonie,

thx a lot for your nice words.
we have to get more people signin up here!


I have living in Ireland for a while and there is some really nice pubs around here. I went to the off side (really really good) and the moly malones. I you are up for a pint tell easyway to get me is on twitter @bigbangdivision ^^

what about kilkenny irish pub and the oscar wilde pub?

I've never been inside the kilkenny irish pub but kind of look like every single irish pub you can find outside ireland :D

Hi guys. Always nice to hear from other Brits!

Oscar Wilde's can be good fun. Every two weeks on a Friday they have a karaoke night. You should check it out!

I was at the Oscar Wilde pub on Friedrichstraße the last time i was in Berlin. I would'nt mind meeting up there on weekend for a soccer / rugby game

or go for Trivia Night @ Kilkenny ?!?