New in Berlin - meet up?

Hi everyone

I'm 21 and recently moved to Berlin last month with my work. I don't know anybody over here and am finding it hard to meet people. I don't speak any German (yet) and would love to meet up with some others in a similar situation as me!


Hi Isis and welcome to!;)


i also just moved to germany and cant speak german either! i would love to have a normal convosation again. :)

Hey! I am moving to Berlin in 8 days and also do not know any German. I'm a 22 year old American student going to study at Potsdam to do my bachelor thesis. I'd be very interested in meeting!

Im 20 and mostly here for holiday so yea Id love to meet up, I live in Steglitz i think Potsdam is about half hour away, look forward to a normal convosation haha

Cool, thanks for replying guys. I'm free most daytimes - What about you Becky? jgs003, let us know when you arrive!

Hey all, yeah thanks for responding! I will arrive next friday, the 13th. Would love to do something saturday!

Oyip kool, Im already here in Berlin so sure im up for something next weekend, whos  in?? ;)

Hey guys !!!
I'm Stephane, a man 22yo, here for a 5 months intership in Berlin.
I'm just coming from france this morning, who wants to go in a bar for example ?
I'm speaking german better ;-)

i'm waiting for your answers !!!

See you

Hey Stephane,
Good to know you speak german because mine is not so good at the moment, so at least one of us can order in the bar haha which part of berlin are you staying in??

LOOOL !!! yes it's better ;-)
I'm in ackerstraße, closed to Rosenthaler station), and you ?

haha yea! I live in Steglitz, I think u live about 20 mins away or so in another suburb...what are you up to t the moment??

Alright, now i'm just waiting to think what can i do tonight, i'm open to do every thing like bars, club like people want .. because it's my first day so i want to go outside tonight ;-)

So who wants to follow me ?
@becky are you in ? i just don't want to go alone because the bear has to be shared ^^

I have just got in from work so not tonight I'm afraid Stephane. Next weekend is cool with me - I will try and ask around for places to go - everyone else be on the hunt too!

haha of course i am in,just tell me when!?

Keep updated guys ;-)

ok isisramonaauriel so see you next week ;-)
@becky i just meet a french guy like me on this website and we will go outside tonight but we don't know yet where.. if you want to follow us you can ;-)
Other people as well !!!

I'm also up for this if I'm free !

okay sweet hope to see you there too!

hey so who is in tonight!

Meeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!
Add me on facebook guys, ask me in pv
Where do we met ?


hi I wud like to join number is 015783574737. If you guys are going out, please let me know.

yep where are we going?!

Hi guys! feelin very isolated with no internet in my flat for the first week. Im a bit ill at the moment but really want to get out and meet people! Please please text me anybody at 0031 615 889 370 and Ill join. Jake from America 22yrs just arrived for bachelor thesis. Thanks in advanced...

Hey guys. So who's around for meeting for tea/coffee/whatever floats your boat one day this week? I'm suggesting around 2pm one day? And if anyone knows of a nice cafe or something - suggest it! Otherwise I guess we could meet somewhere and have a wander to search for somewhere.

2pm!! I could come only during weekends in that time. Otherwise any evening is fine for me.

Anyone has plans for going out tonight????

Does anyone want to meet at some point tomorrow (Monday)? I am free all day so am up for doing something any time really.

Hi everyone ! My name is Ingrid and I am new in the city and would love to meet people !

Evening is fine for me.

Hey to the thread members,

I am visiting Germany in between school and starting my job. Renting a place in Berlin for May.

Have not done a lot of international travel, just some in the Middle East and Africa. Hoping to enjoy my time while overseas, would love to meet a few people to help me find some fun and adventure.

I'll post again when I get into Berlin, but if anyone is interested in weekend trips to Scandinavia, Munich, hiking or biking, or maybe some exotic spices let me know!

Hey everybody.

Been here almost two weeks but have been working so much I haven't had time to go meet people. I'd like to change that. Who's up for a drink tomorrow night? Let me know! :)

I would like to join for a drink.

I am but work evenings so won't be free until about 11pm. Would love to though if its that sort of time. Lets get this meet up thing rolling!

After 11 pm is a good time in Berlin.....let's decide on a place and meet up.

If no one knows of a good place, maybe we meet at a station or something and have a look together for somewhere?

Good idea may be we can meet at alexanderplatz ?

The Alexanderplatz station is huge. How about outside the front entrance of the Alexa mall, just next to Alexanderplatz station? What time do you guys want? 11? 1130? Bring any friends for sure!

11:30 should be fine...I will ask my friends.

11.30 is good for me. So outside Alexa yes? Anyone got distinctive features/clothing??