Young Expat meetup


From the posts I've seen, it sounds like a lot of people would be interested in meeting up to meet new people and explore the city. I just moved to Berlin a week ago from Boston and would love to plan an outing or something....

Would anyone be interested? also has a group called "girls night out" where expats in Berlin get together to socialize. The next one is November 15tn.

yup am interested :-)

I suggest, even if there are only a few people we should meet. in

IŽm in too. Find it a great idea!

Lets plan then........ if all are in for the coming weekend?

I am also new in Berlin (I arrived last Sunday).
Maybe we can organize something for next week?



I'm in too!

I arrive in Berlin on November 29!  Keep me informed!

Did anything happen with this? :)

I am also in! LetŽs organize a meeting.

Did anything happen with this?

We should organize one for December or January!


Count me in ! Pls let me know about the next one.

I'm in as well!

So when should the next meeting take place? I think at the start of January would be good!

Any ideas?

Hi everyone,
I would be interested in meeting new people, as well since I just moved to Berlin.

Since people seem quite international here how about meeting at different types of ethnic restaurants (e.g. arab, indian, chinese, etc...) ?

Good idea!
Personally I am leaving for Christmas holiday and will come back to Berlin in January. what about organizing something the first or second week end of January?

January sounds good to me.

January is OK for me too.

sounds like a plan :-) january is good for me as well...

Hello and happy new year to everyone.

Is there still interest for a meeting, maybe going to a restaurant next weekend (e.g. saturday the 14th ?) ?

If so, feel free to propose a nice place, somewhere central perhaps...

Right - we are going for a coffee in a rotten little place in Neukoelln on Saturday. If anyone wants to come and join - feel free. It's like a turkish bakery/spaeti  place just outside the Ubahn stop Leinestrasse, which is on the U8.
Coffee is cheap and strong...and there's always room - well most of the times. So we wanna go sometime in the afternoon - say 4pm. In the evening we're going to check out an open mic thing in Pfluegerstrasse - it's in Neukoelln, too.

Sooo...just saying - you guys wanna meet - lets's meet and let's keep it real, yeah.

I am interested in joining, but not in Berlin at the moment.
Hope it goes well and maybe I will come to the next one!

has this meeting happened? Are further get togethers planned? Im new in town and also interested in meeting new people! :-)


What whould you say for meeting 21/03/2012 on Hackescher Markt?
Who is in? :)

Hey guys, anyone on this thread interested in having a drink tomorrow night? Newly anyone whos been here for a little while and is willing to show new people around would be great! Cheers.