New to berlin, anxious to meet new people :))

Hello everyone,

so I just moved to Berlin a week ago and I'm staying here for a year, of course Berlin is a beautiful city with lots of places to see but it's always a challenge to emerge in a new city specially when you don't speak the language of the country very well :P
so to make a long story short, I'm looking to meet new people in Berlin and for advices concerning the life here. I like reading, politics mainly, I'm also very interested in technology and such stuff, I'm very open to new ideas and experiences and if my day ends without making a shisha it won't be complete :P

thank you for reading my post and if you're interested in making new friends in Berlin too send me a msg or reply to this post with what's on your mind :D

Hi Haitham,

the TU Berlin has something that's called "Sprach- und Kulturbörse" (language and culture exchange) were you can find people from all over the world. I used it before I went abroad to broaden my English skills and I met a couple of very interesting and nice people that I am still in touch with 6 years later. Maybe you can give it a try. Here is a link: … andem.html

Hope you enjoy your time in Berlin (my home town!!)


Hello Haitham.K.

Welcome to! :)

I am sure you'll make a lot of new contacts here.

Thank you,

Thanks Vroni, I will take your advice on the Sprach- und Kulturbörse, I've been there before to register for language courses but I didn't know that I can do much there :P
Aurélie, Thank you for your support :)

Hey :)

I also moved to Berlin some weeks ago.
And you're right. It's quite difficult to get to know to such a big city. I have also problems and I speak german. So, you're not alone with your difficulties.

But I am sure ... if you go out and meet people you will fastly get contact!

Good luck!

Thank you AnneKatherine,Best of luck for you too :)

Hi steve_m,

Welcome on board :)

It is cool as you said except here the thread is dated 2012... a bit old :)

I will invite you to please start a fresh topic with all your questions or for sharing information on the Berlin Forum for better interaction with our members :)

Thank you