Any one from india ?

looking for friends...

how do you find germany?

Hi, I will be coming to Berlin, Germany soon. are you still in berlin?
I am joining TU Berlin for PhD. can you please share information on living cost like rent, food cost etc in Berlin?

@Rajesh Nice to meet yo. What do you do in Berlin ?

@ace Berlin is a cool place, multi cultural..and getting adapted to the climate.

@Sudan Yeah am still in berlin. According to me Berlin is cheaper compared to other cities like Frankfurt, Hamburg. I am staying in an rented apartment for 390 euro. Since you are gonna study here, I hope you will find much cheaper hostels in your college.

Thanks akil_t. The Technical University of Berlin is near the charlottenburg. where are you staying in Berlin with respect to this place?

I stay near Kruckenbergstraße, Berlin. 14 km from charlottenburg.

Thanks for providing the information. I will get in touch with you again.

Sure. You are welcome.

Hey Akil........i moved here couple of months back. I think we both are working for same Indian company :)

Hi All,

Any of you guys married and living with your wife in Berlin?.
What is the rent of 1BHK/Studio in Berlin. do we have to pay the rent in advance? if yes, how many months?

@Lavanya ....oh! good where u r staying in berlin??

Litzensee, charlotenberg

ok..wat you r doing today...if you are free we could meet today ?

This is Karthik. I live in Düsseldorf. Anyone in Düsseldorf? Looking for friends.

Hi Guys,

I will be joining Technical University of Berlin for PhD in couple of weeks. I will work as scientific assistant on an European Union funded project at TU Berlin. I will be getting a monthly salary of 3017 Euros Pre tax. What are the tax rates in Germany? I am bachelor now but I will be getting married in about six months from now. Is this amount sufficient to live in Berlin.
Also, I want to rent some accommodation near the university. Initially, I am looking for single room with Bathroom and Kitchen. what is the usual rent in Berlin? Your help in finding a suitable accommodation near the university will be highly appreciated.

Thanking you in anticipation.

is anybody from pakistani in  dusseldorf?

Hey Akil,

I got job offer  from a company which is in charlottenburg. I am planing  to move soon.
So how would the room rents there, and it includes all kitchen items and all, or do we need to buy separately.


Hi akil and other friends

I'm doing my PhD in Berlin. I think we should plan a meetup. Sometime and get to know each other. :)

From Nepal but good in hindi  :cheers:

hi guys
im moving to berlin end of oct 2014.
going to study masters in design media spaces in BTK,
it is in mitte
i need to find housing and i speak no german.
plz tell me how to start off...
i am going thru housing websited but nothing very appealing,
anybody know anyone who wants to rent out a space or even flatshare, lemme know
also what would be a good place to stay?
and what kinda weather should i expect in the next couple of months?

also does anybody want anything from delhi?

Anyone interested in sketching berlin

Planning to move to germany.
I am in Sweden right now. Need some information on how the things work,,i mean the cheap place to live and finding work .
Thanks and regards

Hi guys :))
I live in Sweden currently ,,i am planning to move to germany asap :))
So can anyone help with some information about the jobs and cost of living :))
Thanks and regards