Looking for English or Dutch speaken friends in Berlin.

Hi there!!

I am looking for  friends in Berlin! I'm a Dutch women of 22 years old and I just moved to Berlin last monday. Because I haven't really met people yet who want to party or hang out with me i thought i'd give it a try this way!

I don't mind where you are from as long as you speek English or Dutch (if you besides English or Dutch speak German this would also be nice so i can work on my language skills) and you're also looking for someone to hang out with! I am really into partying so it would be awesome if you'd like to go to clubs or bars with me but I also like having meals with friends and good chats. The reason I moved to Berlin is because i want to try to get into film school so if you're also into movies and you like going to the cinema that what would be extra cool :). It would be really nice if there are more people who are interested so we can form a group.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Hi Laura,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

Thank you for this introduction.

What kind of movies do you watch?

Have a nice day,

Expat.com Team

Hello,  I am sandeep from India . I need a friend who can speak German and English. I don't know German too much but i am trying to learn. can you help me ...

Hey, I'm living in Berlin and actually I'm from Berlin as well. I really like it to meet new people! I was in America the last year so I'm fluent in English and since German is my motherlanguage I'm fluent in German too.
If you want to we could start writing E-Mails or so and we could meet up some time too.


I can speak fluent English and little bit of German. I too love to party, Hangout with friends,Explore new cities and places. So we can surely catch up some time as ,I am also looking for new friends in Berlin.



woon jij nog steeds in Berlijn?


LeenSchoonjans: Please note that this is an ENGLISH forum, so please don't post in any other language!
Furthermore, the OP posted only one message here and hasn't been active for over a year.

Dear Beppi,

noted... but i find the blogs confusing. i'm just looking for an expat in Berlin who speaks dutch.


LeenSchoonjans wrote:

Dear Beppi,

noted... but i find the blogs confusing. i'm just looking for an expat in Berlin who speaks dutch.


HI Leen,,

You can check out the network classifieds in the green banner above the page to find if there are more Duthchies in Berlin.

Good luck with your search!!!

Hi Laura,

just landed in Berlin as well after two years in england, so no problem at all with speaking english.  My german is still very rusty on the other hand.. but rapidly improving :)
I like a good movie and a good party too (although not every single weekend.. :) ), so maybe we could give it a go :) Are you into the berlin-style electro minimal kind of stuff?


Laura.hello.how are you.i hope you are well.my name is hakim from morocco.i want to come to berlin nexte week.so also i need friend.i speak english and french.have a nice time

Hi, I'm an English speaker who moved to Berlin recently. It'd be cool to have someone to party with, I'm dying to experience the famous Berlin nightlife!!
I also love films so that's cool too.

And we have the same name.



I am from South Africa just moved to berlin. Where in berlin you stay. I am available for chill and I speak english and a little bit of Afrikaans, I dont know if it similar to Dutch :)