Building a social circle in Berlin

Social circle
Updated 2019-05-20 14:54

It is believed that making friends in Berlin is hard. In general, people stick together, so wandering into a bar alone and meeting your new best friend is unlikely. Loneliness can be a big part of moving to any new city by yourself, especially Berlin. But, fear not. Here are some tips to make friends and expand your social circle.

Join groups

Germans are hobby-focused. They like to get involved with others towards a common goal. So as a very early step in your move, start getting involved. If you're into sports or any other physical activity, like parasailing or football, there are plenty of clubs and studios. You're lucky if you play football which is the national sport.

Google Maps works well for finding physical arenas and rental equipment. MeetUp also helps bring people together for activities like bar crawls and nature hikes. They exist for almost everything. Want to try canoeing or free diving? How about Acro Yoga or an afternoon of sober dancing? If it's not on MeetUp, then check out Facebook which is a must resource. Search for any shared activities or need here, be it Berlin Long Term Housing, Content Writers, or Champagne Brunch. You will find plenty of events and groups to follow.

You can also head to a local neighbourhood park to play table tennis! You can find these everywhere. Also, there's trivia night which is a perfect way to make friends. Berliners love their trivia nights, but expats often forget to consider them. Ludwig in Neukolln hosts a weekly trivia night. Whatever you do, find a hobby. If it's a language course, you'll be investing in your long term success. But, you probably won't meet too many Germans through the program itself. Still, other expat friends can be lovely!

Connecting with Berliners

When you do meet a local Berliner, be friendly, but give the relationship time. You may connect at a transit stop for a great conversation, only for them to say good-bye when their bus comes; going away likely forever. Still, they can be great guides and help you improve your German.

Send invitations

Once you make a few friends or are introduced to Berliners by friends back home, you'll start making more friends. Germans like to meet new people through friends of friends. A great way to bring people together, especially new acquaintances, is to host a dinner! This is common in Berlin culture, and as long as you can cook, but don't invite too many people. Just expect the Berliners to arrive on time with a gift; likely flowers or wine.

Tour the city

Don't forget to explore Berlin! Take a walk, or even better, ride a bike! Plenty of "corners" exist in Berlin to get lost at. You could pass an innocent looking garden and then suddenly notice a giant iron heart with people dancing around it. Consider staying in a hostel for a night or two in a different part of town, perhaps near a club or party you want to attend. Some expats also couch surf or rent a room on Airbnb with locals.

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