How to develop a professional network in Berlin

Professional networking in Berlin
Updated 2022-11-03 04:35

Berlin offers great networking opportunities to professionals from all kinds of sectors as the city hosts talented people and experts from all over the world. Even though it is common knowledge that building a professional network can help you advance your career, not everyone is confident in their abilities to expand their network and make the most of it.

In this article, we go through some networking tips, which take into consideration Berlin's context and should be applied in combination with's article on Berlin's networking etiquette.

Join groups in Berlin

A good place to start, if you wish to meet new people with similar interests, skills, and qualifications is online groups, which should be specific to Berlin for better networking results. If you are unsure how to approach this search for groups, you can post an inquiry or start a relevant conversation in's Berlin forum. Keep in mind that the idea is not to join as many groups as possible but to join groups that are the most relevant to your career interests and goals and to remain an active member, meaning that you should spend time reading and commenting on posts, attending events, creating new posts, and replying to members' requests.

Attend events in Berlin

Attending an event might seem insignificant. However, you never know whom you may meet and who they may connect you with as a consequence. Hence, it's worth it to make an effort to attend as many events as possible, especially during your first months in Berlin when you are still new to the city and in the process of building a fresh professional network. Before arriving at an event, we recommend getting as much information as possible about the theme of the event and the profiles of the attendees. This will help you decide how you would like to present yourself and what possible outcomes you would like to achieve. Also, remember that the type of event will determine the networking etiquette (e.g., dress code, time of arrival, food and alcohol), which you shouldn't take lightly. Last but not least, you can use's events in Berlin page to create your public or private business event. 

Good to know: 

Keep an eye on Berlin's job fairs, as these are common events taking place in the city and can introduce you to new companies and help you set foot in the door. 

Get in touch

If you are looking for ways to enter Berlin's labor market, you can go above and beyond the conventional job applications for advertised positions — instead, you can send letters of interest to companies and organizations you aspire to work for, presenting yourself and the reasons you wish to work for the respective employer, as well as the value you will bring to the team. 

Linkedin has made the process of finding contacts and contact details a lot easier and the communication between job seekers and employers more humane. So, don't hesitate to get in touch or indicate your work availability in your Linkedin account to encourage managers and recruiters to reach out to you. Also, remember to update your location, as this will direct your profile to a network that is based in Berlin.


If you don't have the right permit to live and work in Germany, conversations with recruiters and employers may fall flat quickly. 

Stand out

Whichever ways you prioritize to build your professional network in Berlin, depending on what suits your personality and career the best, you should remember that you are unique and that, at the same time, it is impossible to be liked and appreciated by everyone. As long as you work hard towards your professional goals, take well-informed risks, and are willing to challenge yourself while staying loyal to your work ethics, you will eventually find the appropriate professional fit for you and the right group of people to support you throughout your career. Accept your weaknesses and be proud of your strengths, and present both with integrity, as showing vulnerability will allow for honest and constructive conversations that may open new doors for you.

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