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Updated 2019-05-20 14:35

Berlin is partly a cheap city due to high unemployment and low wages. Finding a job in this city can, therefore, be challenging. However, if you have a set of skills that are in demand, you can find good-paying work quickly. Besides, your quality of life will be better here than in other capital cities, and you might even save more! The key is searching and networking.

MeetUp is a great way to find events where you can casually mingle and meet others, and expand your professional network. Coworking spaces are also abundant in Berlin. While chatting with strangers is not considered "normal" here, you never know where a conversation might take you.

Unemployment in Berlin

Good news! Recently, unemployment has hit long-term lows. While it used to be as high as 20%, these days it is closer to 8%. This downward trend is expected to continue. At the same time, a shift in the type of work and background of workers is occurring. Technical skills, like programming, are in demand. Foreigners moving here are pushing down the overall unemployment rate, but jobs are not necessarily being created for the average, less-skilled Berliner. This, unfortunately, has created social tensions. On the flip side, the city has over 40 universities and is considered a go-to destination for students interested in research and innovation.

Berlin's economy

Overall, the city is growing and seems to have a relatively stable economy. Over 700 large enterprises are in Berlin. They cover a wide range of industries and services. This mixture suggests the city will remain robust against recessions; in that way, it avoids and single commodity or service dependency. Recent economic cycles also support this theory. So, you can probably expect prices to continue rising in the near-medium term future.

The most promising fields in Berlin

Export industries are particularly huge in Berlin. Some sources state that as much as half of all sales are to foreign companies and consumers. There is a thriving digital tech sector as well. Communications, engineering, programming, construction, automotive, aviation, chemical, and medical fields are particularly strong. Small businesses and entrepreneurs also find success and are some of the stronger facets of the Berlin economy. If you're thinking about starting a business selling consumer goods like textiles, home projects or other kinds of crafting, Berlin offers space and a consumer market to exploit. You may be surprised to know that many magazines still thrive in this city. They are a part of the culture - so consider subscribing.

How to stand out as a candidate

Like the German bureaucracy, companies in Berlin look for candidates perfectly suited to their needs. They want to know that you are specialized in your role and will excel in it efficiently. A culture of trying new things, failing, and wearing many hats at a company is just not there. This means that if you suggest an improvement or are selling a form of personal services, you may have a hard time justifying your prices. Also, consider that people here tend to be well educated. As such, the price-value of education is lower.

Good to know:

Plenty of companies in Berlin hire only English speakers.

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