internship in berlin

hi guys, would anyone pls give me an idea as to how much does an intern get paid in berlin? and what is the cost of living there? If it helps, I am an indian living in USA right now.

I am doing my intern in berlin at the moment. Atleast they pay around 650 Euros, you can find a room for rent 260-300 Euros(includes bills), if u go for share accomodation, that will be more cheaper.... then travel expense around 60 euro/month...then rest for food...I would say that Food items are very cheap in Berlin...ecttt

Yes, the pay is between 500 and 600 euro netto per months. Could also be more but it depends on the internship. I'm doing recruiting for a couple of start-up in the field of online marketing and you can also get around 800 euros netto per month.

The monthly ticket for the underground, bus...costs 74 euros and for the rent you can find a room in a shared apartment from 200 to 350 euros

You're very lucky if you get paid between 500 and 600 per month! Ver very often internships arent paid at all! You should see if theres any chance of getting a scholarship, otherwise it'll be hard to live on the income of an internship only