i need help to find a job

Hello to all ,i'm looking for a job in Germany if is possible in berlin I have 32 years old , I live in romania , i'm a retired fire sub officer and i looking for a job as a nanny , babysitter care of children , cleaning, to take care of children and pets , dishwasher , gardening en other jobs , waiting for your offers , thanks

Hello yorasta.

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You can post an advert in the Jobs in Berlin section. It could help.

You can read these articles on Work/Labor market in Germany as well.

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do you have work authorization for germany? otherwise it will be hard to get one for these types of jobs, and you are too old for au-pair.

i dont have authorization for germany ,now im in romania and I want to work in Germany , I posted here hoping to find someone who can give me a job :( , ty all for the reply

it seems difficult to come to germany for a babysitter job without any permit...

you should think twice, life is not so easy here if you don't have fully rights to live and work.

if you really want to come at any cost, try finding some studies to learn something and find a job related to your studies afterwards

i have the job but i dont have a place to stay .... i need a room a aprtment somthing , i have 300 euro does anyone know or has anyone a place to rent ??? I need urgently ....ty

it would probably help if you tell us where you want to find a place to stay!!!

sorry ....... i want in Berlin

Go into a hostel for about 8 Euro per night. When you are in Berlin you have the chance to find a room in a flat sharing soiety ("WG") or a little room.

The chance to find an accomodation will be higher when you are in Berlin than from Romania. Good luck. Housing in Berlin isn't cheap at all.

Hello yorasta.

The Housing in Berlin section could help. You should post an advert there. :)

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https://www.expat.com/en/housing/europe … io-ap.html  i have 1 ad there