Looking for new friends in Berlin

Hi guys,

Just recently arrived in Berlin been here for 2 months now finally managed to settle and its time to make new friends as I will be here for few years as transferred by my company here

so please do come along say hello maybe a drink or 2 or 3

thanks for reading and hope to hear from you guys soon


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I arrived in Berlin yesterday to live and work, I am also looking for people to meet for maybe go out and just... meet!

Where are you staying?

hi pal ill be happy to join you for a drink or two.

Hello rubs,

Thank you for your answer but i have to admit i would prefer with a bunch of people

maybe we'll find some others to join us??

cheers ;)

hi guys thanks for replying back sorry been away with work just got back

so why don't we meet up this weekend


Hey guys. Are you still there ? I am also new to Berlin and would be happy to get together somewhere )

hi guys hope you guys are well

I am meeting few friends at potzdamer platz tomorrow evening if you guys are interested


I would like to get to now all of you.  I am not in Berlin.  I am in Gorlitz.  But I travel around would like to make friends in Berlin.  I would come to Berlin to socialize.

Swavek Locke