Moving to Berlin in August

Hi guys,

My name is Elena, I am moving to Berlin in August 2012 and would love to meet new friends and hang out in Berlin together.

If anyone interested give me a shout :)

Welcome to Elena!;)


Hi, Elena.

I'm also moving to Berlin in August!
Are you going to be working in Berlin, or studying, or?


Good am all.   I too arrive in Berlin in aug for work.  I will be there two weeks so give me a shout.   


Hey !
Ill be in berlin in september for one year ! should catch up someday ;)

Hello there.  Did you arrive to Berlin yet.   I am here for one more week.   Have a good day


looking for people to hang out too. I am new in Berlin since I arrived a few days ago

im up for it id like to meet new people too