East Africa in Berlin - Swahili - German/English

Hello, my name is Ina. I am German, 30 years old and have been in Nairobi twice. I feel like catching up with some Kenyan/East African spirit in Berlin and maybe also to learn a bit Swahili. In return we can talk in German or English and do some freetime activity for example.
Feel free to contact me. Looking forward to catch up with new people from EAC.


I can help; I am a professor emeritus of Swahili who also taught Swahili at Bayreuth. There should be copies of my HISTORY OF SWAHILI PROSE around Berlin, which you may wish to glance through.
Tell me what you want to do exactly so I'll be able to give you a definite answer.

Best regards,
Jack D. Rollins

Hello Ina.

The Community section (Language Exchange) in the Berlin classifieds might help. You could post an advert there. :)

Thank you,

A friend of mine sent me this link and I thought I would reply. Well i am student here in berlin and was born tanzania and swahili is my first language.

If you are interested, contact me and we shall see.

See you soon.

Hello Ina. I am Jack, born in Kenya but I now live in Berlin. I speak good German. I also speak, English, Swahili and Kikuyu. Please contact me if you would like to meet me. Jack


So far you have been silent with respect to your future plans with respect to your study of Kiswahili;  if you are still interested, I would recommend that you get in touch with Jack Muragi.

Jack Rollins

I am Laura, half Portuguese, half Italian. I have lived in Berlin, Germany, since 2007. I speak Portuguese, Italian, German, English and French. I love African music, culture and languages. My mother's family is actually from Mozambique. I am completly in love with Swahili and I will start to learn Swahili in September. I would like to know people native language Swahili - we could, for example, meet in a Berlin bar and translate together a Swahili song.
I would also like to know about Tanzania, Kenya etc. music parties in Berlin!
And... A good Swahili Grammar?
Thanks for your answers!

Hello Laura.

Welcome to Expat.com :)

You may consult this page ---> Language Exchange in Berlin or even post an advert there.

Thanks and best of luck.

Karen :)

Iam a Uganda living in Paderborn , i do speak good Swahili and good Deutsch as well .
To bad iam not living in Berlin.

Then move to Berlin!!

I can't , already settled in this City plus i don't think my hubby will ever want to move .


Hi there,
i am Rose from Tanzania, i speak Swahili and English. i will also learn some Germany, anyone out there want to meet up?