Type 1 diabetic Coverage Questions

Hello Everyone, I recently got a job offer in Austria. I was wondering if the health and dental plans are covered by the employer? I type 1 diabetic so I have an extensive list of medications and I must see a diabetic specialist twice a year. I just don't want to pay for anything out of my pocket money.

Doctors are covered so no charge to you but you do have pay for prescription medication.

hmmm interesting great to hear! I want to know if all the medications are covered such as insulins, needles, blood glucose test strips? I just want to double check.

Hey sms14

I really do need to check on all of this, I'm not a diabetic so can't be too sure, but as a rule, you pay out of your pocket.

Might take a few hours to find your answer, but please bear with me.

Only the information I can give is HERE

Thank you so much. I will take a look. I came across so many articles and wanted to double check. With dental care, how many times can you clean your teeth in a year? and how much does it cost?

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