Relocating sometime next year, need advice on location and schools

Dear All,

I will be relocating to Sydney next year, with a then 3 year old and 6 months old child, plus two dogs. Please advice on good locations to rent or buy.

If you know of any good public schools, please also give us some suggestion!



Hi again lindaifu!

I hope that you will soon get advice.

Good luck,

Hello lindaifu,

If you want to come in Australia then make sure your salary should be more than you are currently getting. Because Australia is expensive. If you want to look for a room here then you should try in Adelaide or Perth. They are smaller and quieter cities and you are bringing your kids also so these should be fine for you.

Hi lindaifu

I wouldn't say Perth or Adelaide straight away - depends what your career is as I've found smaller cities have less choice in jobs. Anywhere in australia is a great place to bring up kids :)