Buy a house in sydney

hi mates,
i want to buy a house in sydney,any advice?

Hope you have plenty of money !! 
First find a suburb you like, take a trip around it at different times of the day and on a weekend to see what traffic flow is like, check out shopping malls etc.
Then go online to find the prices.

Hello sylvia2013.

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Maybe you could give more details of what you are looking for.
This will help us give you better guidance.

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Will take a loan of 400000 AUD. I have already 70000 and planing to get 3 bedrooms,not very far from sydney,about 30 min by car u think its good idea?which area should look?what other expenses are waiting for me?

You will be lucky to get something for that money within half hour drive of city.
For cost of living

My daughter another Sylvia is building a new home at the Ponds near Castle Hill or Kellyville (North_West) of Sydney at the Ponds, you also have package Home + land from 500,000- If you may contact me on  my email address [email protected] I will give you more info for buying a home- A bientot

You can't get a decent house with that price in Rabat/Casablanca/Marrakech. Check:
to get a realistic idea on the prices in Sydney. That price would not get you a decent unit within 25 km from Sydney. Castle Hill and Kellyville are at least 1 hour drive away and wouldn't want to drive. The traffic is horrendous.

Good Luck

Thank u for your answer.i bought it already

stumpy wrote:

Hope you have plenty of money !! 
Then go online to find the prices.

this. I lived there for about 7 years and rented with my husband. We considered settling down and buying but could not fathom how we'd save up enough to buy! Even an apt! If you're OK with it, I'd look away from areas like Inner West, Inner City, Lower North Shore.

yes if you have a lot of money the average flat in bankstown now is 400.000 $ housse is about 500.000$ very old housse news about 700.000$ good luck to you

When buying a house in Australia, it's not that easy as 123. You need to handle a lot documents which is really daunting and exhausting especially the legal matters. I advise that you get a conveyancing solicitor to help you streamline the process.