Seeking advice on nice regions to live in Sydney

Hi all

I have spoken with both expats and Aussies regarding places to live in Sydney, and have heard various opinions. Generally I hear that the East Coast/Northern regions have the nicer family communities, and due to their proximity to the beaches are the more expensive. Some parts of the inner-city or Western suburbs can be dodgy (according to some Aussies and news reports).

I plan to move to Sydney in July with my wife and rent long-term accommodation. We would like to live close to the beaches, but I'm open to living more inland if it's a nice family area. Safety and security are important as I will need to travel a lot for my job, so I want to have peace of mind that my wife will be fine.

I hope to hear from expats currently living in Sydney about your experience of the area you're living in. If you can recommend a particular community or for example a newer housing/appartment complex that would also be very helpful to us in searching for a new home.

Thanks in advance

Hi Tony!

I hope other members will be able to advise you soon ;)


Hii Tony Mick here from Dublin Dundrum area , I am hoping to head over to Sydney with my partner and two kids  we are late 20s and we are confused looking on the web as to where rent in the suburbs long term and yet be able to travel into town to work . If you have found any usefull tips or nice areas fill me in and vice versa . We hope to go late sept 2011 fingers crossed ..........Mick

Hi Tony
I live in Sydney and have done on and off since have reasonable grasp on the place. I am living in Mosman which is the lower north shore of Sydney and it is a great place to live. Very close to the city (about 20 minutes by bus or ferry) and has pretty much everything a family could want. I can walk to Balmoral Beach which is lovely and also have shops, cafes and the harbour foreshore national park all nearby. There is however one problem...its expensive. The second most expensive postcode in Australia I believe. Its a leafy, wealthy and safe area but like I said it costs. Im not rich, quite the opposite unfortunately, but one thing about Mosman is there are alot of flats to rent/buy affordably in amongst million dollar houses. The whole lower north shore, Neutral Bay, Cremorne, Waverton are nice family areas. The Northern Beaches are nice but they are not well connected by public transport and the road out to them is very very clogged. The inner west is trendy/popular for some reason. The suburbs of Annandale and Leichhardt are nice but I think overpriced. Its a young family vibe in the inner west but the houses are very small and there is still some grunge about.

Eastern suburbs are a good choice but will cost alot for a house suitable for a family. Bellevue Hill, Rose Bay, Randwick and gorgeous Paddington are all great places to live and close to Bondi Beach and the harbour as well as the city.

I would avoid the western suburbs, and the suburbs south of the city towards the airport. They are a bit crap to be honest. Further south the suburbs near Cronulla are nice, have a train line into the city and for a family would be a good bet as well.

Hope this helps. Sydney is an expensive city for property and has its frustrations but on a sunny day if you can get to the harbour or a beach it all makes sense.



You're a gent Nick. Much appreciated.


Hello to all,

I am also new to Sydney. I moved here last month and i also wanna know the places closer to the beaches.I am currently living in the place which is at some distance from beaches. So just reply to him and me as well.

I noticed areas like North Ryde and Macquaire Park seem to be quite a bit cheaper than the lower north areas or Chatswood for renting 2-3 bedroom. Are these still relatively nice areas to live?

Hi everyone. i Will be moving to sydney with my wife and toddler later this june... i will most probably be working in the CBD area.
if someone could guide me a good economical area which is connected to the public transport system it would be a great help... thanks..

We have just moved over here from London, and have been living in Lane Cove for a month now. Really liking this area as it's quiet (once you're off the main road), but has good local shops and facilities and great transport links (15mins on the bus to the city, and Artarmon and Chatswood rail stations within walking/bus distance). Hope that's helpful!


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