Apartment sydney

Hi there!

Im looking for THE cheapest apartment in Sydney. My friend and i would love to go there for a month. But everything is so expensive. We are two students so we are on a budget. Could you give us some advice?

Thanks for your help!

If you are looking for cheap rental room in Sydney then do not try for the suburbs. Thats all i can say about this topic. May be you tell us about the place where you looking to take room.

I would say check out Airbnb.com you might find something you like, I haven't used it my self so can't give my review but I didn't find anyone saying it;s a scam on net, most people gave it very good reviews.

Hi Syedahmedrazaabidi!

This thread is 2 years old for info.


True, But just like to continue it because someone else might find it useful.