Reasonable accommodation in Sydney for 5 days


Hello Yazanm. :)

Have you tried to post an advert in the Housing in Sydney section? It may help.

You can read this article on Accommodation in Australia.

Thank you,

Hey Aurélie, will do that.

Hi Yazanm,

Any luck with accomodation searching?
Im gonna be staying in Sydney during Christmas and New year too.

My friends recommended me Cityresort ( and travelodge wynyard hotel. Lets try.

Hi Halinh,

Cityresort looks neat and in a good location, didn't make a decision yet. I will be spending my time exploring the city so please feel free to join :)

Please post any other info you gather, that would be really useful


I havent made up my mind yet :)
Maybe im gonna jump into some hotel locating just near the Habour.
Tell me your stay Yanzan. I would love to join you. Coz i will be travelling alone and explore the city.