UK lass Moving to Sydney mid August 2010!!!!

Hi there!!! I am a friendly, socialable and outgoing lady from the UK moving to sunny Sydney mid August 2010!
Am very excited but also a bit nervous!
If anyone can offer help/advice on finding a house/flat share in Sydney then please get in touch :)) all help appreciated.
Also, if anyone looking for new friends to meet up and explore Sydney with then just let me know!
Look out Sydney - not long now!!!

Hi Chazza, I moved to Sydney in September last year. Was great. to look for a house buy The Sydney Morning Herald on Saturday. Also there are a few websites that I cant remember at the moment but ask any Aussies. no I just remember one is Domain dot something dot au.
I really recommend living by the beach although you might pay a bit more. Bondi, Coogee are great or Manly. There is the ferry to Manly, the tube to bondi and buses everywhere.
Hope that it goes well. Enjoy yourself out there

Hello Chazza and welcome to :)
A good start maybe would be to have a look in our Sydney's Classifieds -> Share flats?
Good luck