Category I - EP - Approved for a shorter duration

Hello Everyone,

Iam an Indian national currently living in USA and moving to KL on an expat contract for 2 years with an Multinational IT company.

I received information that my EP application was approved only for 1 year instead of 2 year contract duration. Is this legally feasible or is my future employer playing some cheap tricks here ?

Would appreciate if any one can help to share their experiences on this...

Erm... can say that it is "legally feasible", as the approved duration is decided by the Expatriate Committee, not the company/ employer.

What you can do is, make sure that the employment contract signed between you and your future employer clearly stated 2 years.

Then, 2 months before current EP expiry, your employer should start to apply EP renewal for you.

Again, when the EP renewal application is submitted, it is the Expatriate Committee to decide whether to approve the renewal or not, and to approve for how long.

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