Procedure to call family from Australia to Riyadh

Hi friends,
    My dad has applied for family visit visa and it got approved also for my sister and nephew who reside in Australia, though my sister is still an Indian citizen and my nephew is an Australian citizen, can  anyone please let me know in detail what is the complete and detailed procedure for the visit visa stamping for them and please can anyone tell me what is meant by " MOFA Letter "
            Will be waiting for all your replies and suggestions
                                                                                                             Thank you.

You can apply for a family visit visa through the MoFA website, you can google and access and apply it online, once done ask your HR to legalize it and check on a daily basis to see if its approved or rejected.

For Australian citizens, I think there is a e-visa option, you can google visit saudi website and get details.

Hope this helps!

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