Civil Union in Austria

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether anyone here has gone through the process of "getting" (not sure the proper term here) a civil union. My partner and I are interested in this, but the information available on these sites ( … s/wedding/) & ( … index.html) is not completely clear to me.

For the required documents, neither of us is an Austrian citizen (we are both unmarried and have never been married), so that makes me think we should follow the "A Partnerschaftswerberin or a partnership or both advertisers partnership claimants are not Austrian nationals" link (Google translated the page to English). The link to this page is ( … ender.html)

Following that link, one of the necessary documents is a "Proof of Marital Status", which says "Proof of marital status: If the applicant for a partnership belongs to a country that allows registered partnerships (often under a different name), a certificate of the ability to establish a registered partnership must be provided by the foreign authorities." -- I am a little unclear on this. Does it mean that I need a document from my home country (the US) that says I am able to establish a registered partner ship? What does that mean for US citizens?

I'd greatly appreciate any advice from someone who has done this/knows about doing this.


Civil partnership* I should say. (It's not letting me edit the post)

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