Freelance (Freiberuflich) Finanzamt ok... and WKO registration?

Hallo everyone!

I was wondering if you can give me a hand with a process that is getting really hard for me to understand it.

I'm a graphic designer (EU citizen) who arrived in Vienna a couple of months ago. I have a few freelance offers postponed because I want to have the paperwork in order first. But... the process got a little blurry for me.

I dug and asked for information, and I was told that I had to register at the Finanzamt to get a Steuernummer (personal tax identification). This number, I would include it on my invoices for my clients, and later on, pay taxes depending on the amount billed. I got registered, and in a few weeks, I'll get the number.

I also heard I must register at the WKO (Austrian Economic Chamber).  When I went there, they said I need a Passport plus a police record for the last 5 years. Here is the thing, I was in more than 4 different countries in those 5 years, and getting a police record from all of them would be a long, expensive process from abroad (if I ever succeed).

A few collegues told me that actually the registration at WKO is not necessary even though they will say it is. Any clear idea on this? Because before I start spending money into several police record fees from different countries, translators and notaries and consulates, I would like to be more sure about it.

I call a Buchhalter to get an appointment (to ask about this), and they recommended me to take it once I have the Steuernummer first. But I want to rush things up a bit...

Needless to say, I appreciate any words that help me clear my doubts..

Thanks and best regards!

I would visit the Expat Centre in Vienna. They have a team there that offer help for Free on these matters.

That sound like a good advice, didnt know about them. I will give it a try.
Still, if somebody has some info, totally welcome!

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