American hoping to move to Vienna by September 2013

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I dont know the answers to your first two questions but the third question you should be able to find work s you have the qualifications needed and there is currently a shortage of teachers here.the public school system pays poorly but many of the international schools here have not any vacancies st the mo.your best bet is to get your partner to call the stadschulrat for wien and speak with someone in the europa buro,they should be able to answer your questions definitively.are you already aware that all your relevant documents will have to be translated into german and by an official translator who can give you the all important stempel? Pm me   if you want more info
Best of luck with your preparations to move here :-)

I'm also moving to austria later this year,, I'm hoping to meet great people in vienna..

Hello  Thola , hope all is well with you.

Thola, do you have some information to help me?

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