Living in Austria, working remotely for company in UK ?

Hi everyone,
We are moving back to Austria after living in the UK for the past 18 months. I was firstly looking at getting a job however my company is considering for me to be able to work remotely as I still travel for work and in reality we can be based anywhere - not necessarily in the UK office.
I have a EU passport, my drivers' licence is still Austrian,
The big QUESTION - will there be tax implications? I would have to get health insurance - will this need to be private or can i pay into the Gebietskrankenkasse? I have been looking online everywhere but there is no clear answer.
Is anyone else in the same situation where they live in Austria and work remotely for a company from another country?

Any info would be helpful

Hi PavyP,

Just wondering whether you were able to find out any information regarding your situation? I have been offered a similar opportunity where the employer, based in the UK, wants me to join their company and is happy that I live and work from our home in Austria.

I have read about using outsourced payroll in Austria where the UK company pays your salary directly to the payroll company and they then deduct for social, pensio, GKK etc. I am not sure if its the most tax efficient but it does get you onto the social system and contributing as if you were employed by an Austrian company.


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