Marriage with an austrian citizen

is marriage not enough to get residence ?
If yes what are the difficulties ?

Hello Danke

Could you please be more clear in what you wish to know?

Are you seeking information about getting married, or your main issue is how to proceed to get residence?

You should also tell us which citizenship you are, so that members can best advise you.

Thank you

I'm actually willing to join my girlfriend she's austrian .. and im north African moroccan ... i would like to get a job permission and get our stuff together .. but it's seems its hard for a foreign and even harder bc i have no qualifications .. we are seriously thinking about marriage but i don't know much about that .. i don't know if it's enough to join her or we'll stay separate from each other even married
thanks for your time

Hi Simomed

Marrying your girlfriend should be enough to get a residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel) as a family member (Familienangehöriger). You may have to do an interview with the local police in order to prove it's not an arranged or sham marriage. This residence permit will be valid for one year, then you have to renew.

However, once you're allowed to live and work in the country (residence permit functions as a work permit too), it will be very difficult to get a job if you have no qualifications and no knowledge of German.

Best of luck,

Thank you soo much for your reply.
I really appreciate

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