What is the language required for Austrian citizenship?

Hallo meine freunds, I am from the United States, and I have long been laying my eye on Austria. One thing that has always bothered me though, is the required language.

You see, I know the google results is "German", but what type? I just want to be sure. Currently I am learning standard German, which I have heard most Germanic countries such as Switzerland and Austria are schooled in, but it isn't their own dialect, because they have their own forms of German.

So if I want to move to Austria, is standard German good enough for citizenship?

Thank you.

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In order for you to become an Austrian Citizen, you will need to have lived in the country for 10 years, therefore, you will know the Austrian dialect. More information can be found HERE.

Thank you!

Does this mean I don't have to learn standard german or should I still learn standard german if it helps for Austria?

I lived in Austria for 8 years and went to school there as well. I did not speak a word of Deutsch before that, but I took the classes offered. These classes are all taught in Hoch Deutsch,  which is what I think you mean by standard German.  So yes, continue learning Hoch Deutsch.  You will pick up on the dialekt much easier if you understand Hoch Deutsch first.

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