joining my austrian girlfriend

I'm  from north Africa morocco .I'm with my girlfriend since 2 years she's austrian .. she was with me in morocco for not a long time ... we decided that I should move to austria ... we think about me getting a job but after she asked it seems that it's nearly impossible due to the fact that im not graduated in something .. and we are seriously thinking about marriage now and it seems that there is big difficulties still ... so please if anyone have any informations
thank you

Hi Simomed93

Are you already in Austria or thinking of moving here?

I recommend that you learn German as this is the mother language of Austria. Learning the language will give you a better chance of getting a job. In doing so you will be able to apply for jobs like a shop worker,factory worker etc... jobs that do not require qualifications.



thanks for your reply
I'm not in Austria yet .I'm learning german
I need to be there if i want to find an employer in the kind of jobs I don't need  qualifications
i want to join my girlfriend but idk what to do it seems that there is difference if we get married in Austria or morocco


I'm Indonesia and plan to move to Austria next year for join my BF too, I scared that i cant get a job there because i didn't speak in Deutsch, but I speak in Mandarin, English and Bahasa. I have bachelor degree from China and were lived abroad in china over 5 years, and now I'm living in Indonesia because of my work.

I'm starting to learne Deutsch on the early July, Please advice if i could get a job in Austria or no.

Many Thanks

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